Youth Theatre Interactions


beyond rhythm and movement, our students are trained in technique, dance history & terminology, injury prevention, and nutrition.


from scene analysis and character development to writing scripts and improvisation — our students are immersed in all aspects of theatre arts


our students learn from, embrace, and connect with cultures through musical instruments and song


Youth Theatre Interactions, Inc. (YTI) provides professional instruction in the performing arts to Westchester County youth. With the support and participation of their parents, YTI nurtures creativity and pride in accomplishment while fostering discipline, confidence, and critical thinking in young people.

Thank you for supporting YTI

How We Began

 YTI has a rich and rewarding history. Our organization began in 1971 as a Yonkers Community Action program with a mission to keep kids off the street and safe from crime and drugs. Under the leadership of James P. Hill, a Community Action employee and respected jazz musician, the School 12 Program was created. Mr. Hill’s music workshops formed the foundation for the project. Soon, his friend Kwame Johnson, then a theatre major at Sarah Lawrence College, joined the staff and added drama and mime classes to the curriculum. As the program became popular in the community and the student population grew, a new course was introduced when Turhan Von Brandon came on board. Von Brandon brought his expertise in photography to School 12.

By 1973 School 12 was booming. Founders Hill, Johnson and Von Brandon decided to seek non- profit status for their program. Their efforts were successful, and they renamed their organization Youth Theatre Interactions, Inc. (YTI), a performing arts school offering free instruction to the young people of Yonkers. Courses in dance workshops and training in lighting design and stage management were added and YTI was off and running!