Keyboard – Teacher: Mr. Tommy

Tommy Mandel is a welcome face at YTI. He worked with founder, Kwame Johnson, when the organization was first established in the 70’s. He’s proud and happy to be back after all these years. Tommy understands that children are the future and opportunities can be hard to find. His early years at YTI have shown him that this organization will always support and encourage its students in all their endeavors. Tommy grew up in Westchester and graduated from Mamaroneck High School and Bowdoin College. He studied piano at an early age and played in bands as a teenager and in college. Mr. Mandel is currently the Music Director of the Theatre Department at Sarah Lawrence College. He has toured and recorded with rock and R&B acts such as Bryan Adams, Dire Straits, Clash, Tina Turner, Shannon, Bon Jovi and The B-52’s. His specialties are piano, Hammond Organ, and synthesizer programming & sequencing. Also a composer, he has written three Rock Operas, many songs, and recorded 11 instrumental CDs. For more information about him and his extensive career in music, visit


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Fly Me to the Moon

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